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Scandroid - the free automotive scan tool for android

Started: November, 2014
Status: ongoing

Scandroid is an implementation of a collection of various ISO/SAE standards that allows an android powered device to connect a vehicle and perform a variety of operations including each of the diagnostic test modes specified by SAE J1979. The underlying API is written in pure Java and is provided to users via an Android GUI wrapper, although any language could be used to create a GUI if it is able to utilize Java libraries.

The current build may be downloaded directly here.

Future endeavors (at this point) are expected to be:
  • Providing various communication interfaces (physical) such as WiFi and USB in addition to the existing bluetooth interface.
  • Providing various open source hardware setups such as arduino and raspberry pi RS232 to OBDII interpreters
  • Providing a SMS mode for remote diagnostic sessions with Scandroid compatible vehicles from all around the world.
  • To obtain various manufacturer specific information, specifications, procedures, and other functionality and make it available for the public for free.

This project is still in early development, so stay tuned for updates.